Smittytone’s Documentation

Welcome to my documentation site. Here you’ll find details of the various Python driver APIs that I provide, plus information on developing applications on the Macintosh for the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

MicroPython/CircuitPython Display Drivers


A hardware driver for a variety of displays based on the Holtek KT16K33 controller.


A hardware driver for Adafruit OLEDs based on the Solomon SSD1306 controller.

MicroPython/CircuitPython Integrations


An integration for the OpenWeather One Call API.

Raspberry Pi RP2040 Programming

Development Under macOS

RP2040 debugging information for Mac users.

Depot Multi-Bus Adaptor for macOS and Linux

About Depot

Introducing the Depot Multi-Bus Adaptor.

Depot RP2040 Firmware

Depot’s RP2040 firmware.

Inter-integrated Circuit Support

Depot I²C client-side code.

1-Wire Support

Depot 1-Wire client-side code.