I’m a Developer Educator with cloud communications platform Twilio for its wireless and Internet of Things division. Previously, I spent six years as the Senior Tech Writer and a Project Manager at IoT platform-as-a-service company Electric Imp.

Before that, I was a technology journalist, 13 out of 25 years spent in senior roles on the website The Register. At other times I contributed to a wide array of publications and news organisations, including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, the BBC and CNN.

This site is dedicated to assorted programming projects I’ve worked on over recent years.

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macOS Apps, Tools and Libraries



    Latest Release: 1.4.0 — 09 December 2020
    Icon design tool for 8x8 matrix LED-based electronics projects.

  • Fighting Fantasy

    Fighting Fantasy

    Latest Release: 3.0.15 — 07 February 2018
    A Fighting Fantasy character generator and game manager written in Swift.

  • HighlighterSwift


    Latest Release: 1.1.0 — 26 April 2022
    A Swift wrapper for the popular Highlight.js syntax highlighter.

  • imageprep


    Latest Release: 6.3.4 — 25 May 2022
    A command line tool for batch-processing — crop, scale, pad, reformat — image files.

  • MNU


    Latest Release: 1.6.3 — 08 May 2022
    A customisable menu bar utility that provides easy access to macOS features and scripts you use every day.

  • pdfmaker


    Latest Release: 2.3.3 — 24 May 2022
    A command line tool that combines multiple JPEG images into a single PDF file, or extracts images from PDF files.

  • PreviewCode

    PreviewCode  Download from the App Store

    Latest Release: 1.2.2 — 26 August 2022  New Version
    An app that provides QuickLook support for source code files under macOS Catalina and above.

  • PreviewMarkdown

    PreviewMarkdown  Download from the App Store

    Latest Release: 1.4.3 — 26 August 2022  New Version
    An app that provides QuickLook support for Markdown files under macOS Catalina and above.

  • PreviewYaml

    PreviewYaml  Download from the App Store

    Latest Release: 1.1.2 — 27 August 2022  New Version
    An app that provides QuickLook support for YAML files under macOS Catalina and above.

  • Squinter


    Latest Release: 2.4.136 — 18 November 2020
    A development tool to manage application code and library files for projects based on the Electric Imp IoT Platform.

  • The Valley

    The Valley

    Latest Release: 1.0.9 — 24 November 2020
    A macOS port of a 1982 real-time RPG in true Commodore PET style.

  • utitool


    Latest Release: 1.0.4 — 23 July 2021
    A macOS command line tool to reveal files’ Uniform Type Identifiers (UTIs).

iOS Apps

  • Fontismo

    Fontismo  Download from the App Store

    Latest Release: 1.2.0 — 05 June 2022
    An iOS app that lets you install high-quality open-licence fonts.

Raspberry Pi Pico Apps

  • RP2040 Assembly

    RP2040 Assembly

    Latest Release: 1.1.0 — 10 July 2022
    Sample code and demos for ARM assembly programs written for the Pico’s RP2040 MCU.

  • RP2040 FreeRTOS Template

    RP2040 FreeRTOS Template

    Latest Release: 1.4.1 — 28 June 2022
    Templates and demos for FreeRTOS on the Pico’s RP2040 microcontroller.

  • Phantom Slayer

    Phantom Slayer

    Latest Release: 1.0.2 — 06 April 2021
    Retro fast 3D maze shooting action coded in C.

  • Hunt the Wumpus

    Hunt the Wumpus

    Latest Release: 1.0.2 — 31 March 2021
    Explore a mysterious and dangerous cave to locate a fiendish monster.

Python Apps and Libraries

  • FeatherClock


    Latest Release: 1.2.3 — 23 February 2022
    A compact clock project written in MicroPython

  • Hex


    Latest Release: 1.2.0 — 31 December 2020
    A utility for converting binary files to hex strings.

  • HT16K33 Python

    HT16K33 Python

    Latest Release: 3.3.1 — 13 September 2022  New Version
    A driver library for a range of Holtek HT16K33-based LED displays.

  • Ski


    Latest Release: 2.0.2 — 07 January 2021
    Some Python silliness: 8-bit retro ‘arcade’ action via ncurses...

  • Spasm


    Latest Release: 1.3.0 — 02 September 2021
    An assembler/disassembler for the Motorola 6809 8-bit microprocessor.

  • SSD1306


    Latest Release: 1.0.0 — 11 March 2020
    A driver library for Solomon SSD1306-based displays.

  • Unicoder


    Latest Release: 1.0.0 — 12 December 2019
    A utility for converting Unicode UTF-8 character codes to hex strings

  • XBeeParser


    Latest Release: 1.0.4 — 09 January 2019
    Decode data packets sent to or received by Zigbee-compatible Digi XBee modules.

Shell Scripts

  • bash


    Latest Release: various
    Miscellaneous Z and Bash scripts for a variety of Mac and Raspberry Pi tasks.

Electric Imp Apps and Libraries

  • EI Apps and Libraries

    Apps and Libraries

    Latest Release: various
    A full list of available software, with links to their source code repos.

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