A utility for converting UTF-8 character codes to hex strings

Latest Release: 1.0.0


About Unicoder

Unicoder is a utility for converting UTF-8 character codes, such as U+0024 ($) or U+20AC (€), into sequences of bytes presented as hexadecimal strings.

Unicoder’s output is in the form of Squirrel string assignments that are ready to be cut and pasted into Squirrel code. For example:

$ ./unicoder.py U+20AC U+24 U+0939 U+0025 U+10348

local unicodeString="\xE2\x82\xAC";
local unicodeString="\x24";
local unicodeString="\xE0\xA4\xB9";
local unicodeString="\x25";
local unicodeString="\xF0\x90\x8D\x88";

As you can see from the example above, just call the script with one or more UTF-8 codes separated by spaces.

If you don’t require Squirrel-oriented output, used the -j / --justhex switch:

/Users/smitty > ./unicoder.py -j U+20AC U+24 U+0939 U+0025 U+10348


Note Unicode contains more than 137,000 characters so at this time there is no way to derive a hex string from a character, only that character’s UTF-8 code.

Source Code

You can view Unicoder’s source code at GitHub.

Release Notes

  • 1.0.1 12 June 2019
    • Add -j / --justhex option for hex-only output.
    • Help text cleaned up.
  • 1.0.0 5 June 2019
    • Initial release.

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